Using Adobe Acrobat PDF File

PRINTING DATA TABLES, the best way is to open the Printable Version / Entire Report and print either the entire report or selected pages. To view the entire report, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get it Free by clicking Get Acrobat

Print within your browser

You may also print directly from your web browser. This will work fine, however, there are a few things you should be aware of:

First, most of the data tables were scanned and are setup for landscape printing. You may want to set you browser (Explorer 5.0) in page setup for landscape or your print driver (Netscape 2.0 and higher) to landscape before attempting to print. Netscape has a print preview that allows you to see what the output will look like before you print.

Second, If you print a page and find line of text is cut off the right side of the page, your print font is to big and needs to be reduced. In Netscape this can be done by going to [Options] [General Preferences] [Fonts] and reducing the point size of the font. Explorer users will find this easier, just click on the font button on the button bar to change font sizes. These font size changes are carried through to printing.

Printing outside your browser

In the event you find printing from your browser difficult, (don't feel bad most people do) you can easily save the data table to file by selecting ([File] [Save As] for Netscape) or ([File] [Save as File] for Explorer) to save the text file. This file can now be loaded by most programs. Once in a word processor you can now adjust margins, page length or font size (the Reports are printed in Lineprint 8 pt. Font)to get a good printout.

If you don't want to save a file you can also use the copy paste feature of windows to copy the tables into a word processor or spreadsheet. To select all the text, you can press [Ctrl + A]. Copy the table with [Ctrl + Insert]. Go to your word processor and paste with [Shift + Insert]. Your table will be pasted to your word processor. No tabs are used in any of the tables and if you select a pitch font in your word processor the columns should line up.